your elearning situation...


The problem

Too much ugly text on slides and screens is a problem for audiences and learners alike. They become disengaged, lose focus and lose interest. You just can't read and listen at the same time.


The solution

Beautiful compelling visuals, with a clear structure, help your audiences and learners to understand and remember your content. They become engaged, and the content sticks.

About Us


What We Do

No matter what your elearning objectives, we have a quick and easy solution to help you reach your organisation's goals.

As a dedicated training provider, we listen to our customers and develop the content you actually want and need to tackle your learning challenges. 

Our cost-effective, off-the-shelf library is growing rapidly. Whether you're looking for a compact learning module, or only have time for a 2 minute video, we’ve got it covered.

With us, you’re sure to find the right resources to help you deliver top-class workplace learning.



1. eLearning Creation. 

With our eLearning creation service you can benefit from bespoke eLearning written, built, and optimized for the needs of your users.

2. eLearning Revamp

Do you have tired eLearning content in desperate need of refreshing? Is your 5-year-old compliance training looking a bit dated? Our expert designers will take your eLearning content – in whatever format you can provide – and give it a new lick of paint.

3. eLearning Click-and-Explore

Do you have in-class training that you want to convert to eLearning?  Or do you need to educate your workforce with an online manual or share your latest research with your clients digitally, our Click-and-Explore service gives you an interactive resource that is both useful and beautifully designed. We take your static content – manuals, documents, epic slide decks – and turn them into something usable, interactive, and effective.


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